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Coffee Cake Cupcakes – for Breakfast!

Are you ready to have cake at breakfast? Yeah… why not! These coffee cake cupcakes will certainly get you out of bed in the right mood. No one is going to be moody when they know your own yummy cake is in the kitchen waiting to be savoured with you favourite cup of coffee. It’s a great start of the day! Do you think “cupcakes” is the wrong term for breakfast food? Well, call them “muffins” if you like, but you spoil a bit of the fun then. ‘Cause cake at the breakfast table is just it! read more

This is THE best Iced Coffee Recipe – Period

Listen… I really like a creamy iced coffee. I love it sweetened as well. However… having to pay more than $4.00 a glass for it in a coffee shop… that I HATE!

So I took to experimenting at home. And after years – yes really, years – of trial and error I got it! I now know how to make myself THE scrumptious creamy and sweet iced coffee for just pennies!

And I let you in on my secret…

First you make a whole lot of coffee concentrate so that you will have enough of it for at least a month. Making the concentrate, you see, is the one part of making iced coffee that is somewhat lengthy in time. read more

Pimp up your coffee with these 5 recipes

It’s a fact coffee is the most favorite drink in America. You probably have your own special way of making your morning coffee to ‘wake up’, but if you are a true adept of coffee you will always be on the lookout for a little different and exciting variety. Sad thing though is when you get in a really creative mood it can be hard to make the coffee with your own machine at home. So you have to go out to the local coffee shop to have the barista mix you some or… you get yourself a little more sophisticated coffee machine than the one you are used to and has been with you like forever. read more

A Brand New Way for Your Morning Coffee

Oh! What a beautiful morning! Rain or shine, any day is a good day when you start it with a tasty cup of coffee. The dark colour, the aroma, mmm… Nature invented coffee for us to make our days’ start easier. And to push us through the days when we are working hard to make somebody else money. While we prefer doing something totally different.

Cold brew coffee from a coffee machine is the newest thing, the new iced coffee. Since the infusion takes its time, you get a coffee that tastes more gentle and less bitter and you are able to recognise the subtle tones and flavours of the coffee. read more

Tasty Twists on Iced Coffee

With summer going all out, chilled coffee season additionally at its uttermost. Although nothing is wrong with a sprinkle of milk and a couple ice cubes, we’re such a huge fan that we needed to take the energizing and thirst quenching drink to new level. We discovered 10 simple, ingenious, and (for the most part) healthy recipes that render it tastier than you can ever imagine to chill off—and liven up—this summer. read more