International Coffee Day

Celebrating Coffee Day – but on which date?

The 77 member states of the International Coffee Organisation (ICO) convened on October 1st 2016 together with tens of dozens of coffee associations worldwide to celebrate the second International Coffee Day.

The International Coffee Day is a global event. It celebrates the journey of the coffee from the farmer to your local shop. It is an opportunity to applaud the men and women who work hard to grow and harvest the coffee we all love so much.

Now here is the confusion: many countries in the world also have a National Coffee Day which may be on any given day during the year. The US celebrates coffee on September 29th. It is very easy to think of this date as the International Coffee Day, the dates being so close to one another. Essentially, every day is a day to celebrate coffee!

It is only in 2014 the members of the ICO (find the complete list here) teamed up with dozens of associations in the world to organise the official International Coffee Day. All countries could together celebrate this marvellous beverage, be it coffee-exporting or coffee-importing countries. Then and there it was decided the first international day would be on October 1st 2015.

So… are you celebrating on September 29th or on October 1st, or perhaps on both days? We wish you a happy International Coffee Day! Enjoy your precious beverage and think of all those men and women who make it possible for you to actually drink a cup of coffee.

Also join the UK Coffee Week and help to save and clean water.


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