Coffee at work

We love coffee at work – here is why

At work we have to keep many different thing in balance as far as our lives and our careers are concerned. A day always seems too short to get everything we need to do, done. We are always tired, are not getting enough sleep and have just enough energy to drag ourselves through the day. So in comes that fresh cup of coffee in the morning, to give us a kick-start.

The aroma alone of a freshly brewed coffee wakes up your senses. When you take your first sip your taste buds get their treat: the precious taste of coffee. You start ‘opening’ your eyes, things that were cloudy before are getting clearer and you feel indeed ready to start your day at work. So you get in your car and throw yourself into the rush hour on your way to the office.

There are numerous people who would swear under oath in court that coffee makes them more productive at the office since they are more aware and alert with it. Without their coffee they would not be able to be fully awake at meetings they have to attend or contribute anything useful during such meetings. All those late nights working in the office to meet the deadline of a client and/or the demands of strict management have lead to a lot of stress amongst employees.

Then there is this number of projects in addition to our load of work which are based on doing more with less resources. This has taken its toll on our co-workers. We begin to depend on our regular cup of coffee to help us find the balance between all the stress and the multi-tasking in our jobs.

There is a number of good reasons why you should go out with a couple of co-workers and get a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Go to the coffee shop nearby and while you drink your coffee discuss the things going on in the office today in a nice, relaxed setting. No better place to start bonding and trusting people than outside the office. Talk about anything you like, covering news, work, politics, movies, tv, comedy or anything you can come up with. We just love that cup of coffee that makes us enjoy the company of our co-workers and gives us new energy to be productive again.


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