Coffee Cake Cupcakes – for Breakfast!

Are you ready to have cake at breakfast? Yeah… why not! These coffee cake cupcakes will certainly get you out of bed in the right mood. No one is going to be moody when they know your own yummy cake is in the kitchen waiting to be savoured with you favourite cup of coffee. It’s a great start of the day! Do you think “cupcakes” is the wrong term for breakfast food? Well, call them “muffins” if you like, but you spoil a bit of the fun then. ‘Cause cake at the breakfast table is just it! read more

Coffee, for Your Health

In an everlasting debate whether or not coffee is harmful for human beings the latest findings of the World Health Organisation (WHO) may come as a welcome gift for coffee lovers. Drinking coffee may prevent cancer according to the WHO.

The most beloved beverage in the world as a good instrument against the most feared illness in the world… this idea belongs in the cabinet of stories about centenarians enjoying a glass of whiskey every day and thus pass their 100st birthday, or French people staying slim because they eat cheese.

So all coffee lovers worldwide will be happy by the announcement of the WHO, especially since it was long believed coffee was bad for your health and possibly causes cancer as well. A total reversion from the WHO who proclaimed those beliefs some 25 years ago. read more

This is THE best Iced Coffee Recipe – Period

Listen… I really like a creamy iced coffee. I love it sweetened as well. However… having to pay more than $4.00 a glass for it in a coffee shop… that I HATE!

So I took to experimenting at home. And after years – yes really, years – of trial and error I got it! I now know how to make myself THE scrumptious creamy and sweet iced coffee for just pennies!

And I let you in on my secret…

First you make a whole lot of coffee concentrate so that you will have enough of it for at least a month. Making the concentrate, you see, is the one part of making iced coffee that is somewhat lengthy in time. read more

Coffee Really Makes You Live Longer, NIH Study Says

Lovers of caffeine, cheer up! All that coffee you are drinking daily could lengthen your life. Truly true.

The New England Journal of Medicine published the outcome of research that shows that people who drink 4 to 5 cups of coffee daily have a tendency to live longer than those people that only nip away one cup or less. For women the benefit is greater than for men, but both genders gain by their coffee habit.

Men who drink 4 to 5 cups of good coffee cut down their risk for death by 12%, women who took the same amount of coffee had their risk downed to 16%. That’s the result of a study led by Neal Freedman of the National Institutes of Health. read more

Arabica and Robusta – worlds apart

People who commented on my post about caffeine content, made it clear to me there is a need to a few more details about coffee. One of these details is the roast Arabica vs the roast Robusta, the two being the most cultivated and consumed coffees.

For ages it was all very clear and indisputable: all the good coffee was Arabica coffee – not so much the other way around though. The Robusta roast was bad. That was then. About ten years ago some specialty roasters started some experiments with Robusta, putting it in their blends for espresso. I don’t understand this, like I said before.

Roughly 75 to 80% of the world’s coffee production is Arabica. It’s true the best coffees in the world are Arabica, but there are lots of Arabica coffees that aren’t really good enough for any special coffee. In developed countries almost all the commercially used blends are Arabica. read more

Let’s refute some lies about coffee

There are a lot of old wive’s tales about coffee and we all tend to believe them. So I put down 5 statements about coffee here we need to stop believing. Bottom line: coffee BENEFITS you.

1. Coffee causes insomnia

Caffeine does not live in your body as long as you think. It will be gone within 4 – 6 hours. So if you cannot sleep at night, don’t make coffee the perpetrator unless you drank some right before you went to sleep! read more

Your favorite coffee might disclose your personality

Your best liked coffee reflects your personality, they say. Really?

A recent study amongst 1000 coffee drinkers was held to assess whether the type of coffee they usually drink could be projected on a number of psychological styles and personalities. Have a look and see what they came up with!

The drinker of black coffee

  • Unambiguous
  • Wants to keep everything simple
  • Calm, but sullen
  • Minimalist

read more

Great Tea with Tassimo

Your Tassimo T-disc brewer probably gives you a lot of joy, day after day. You will know by now how many different coffees you can make, be it espresso, latte, cappuccino and other coffee drinks. Thanks to the instant milk technology the brewer is so much more flexible when it comes to mixed drinks than other single cup brewers. One question though: have you made yourself a cup of tea yet with the Tassimo? Did you know Tassimo tea discs can make you a tasty cup of tea – on demand?

read more

Pimp up your coffee with these 5 recipes

It’s a fact coffee is the most favorite drink in America. You probably have your own special way of making your morning coffee to ‘wake up’, but if you are a true adept of coffee you will always be on the lookout for a little different and exciting variety. Sad thing though is when you get in a really creative mood it can be hard to make the coffee with your own machine at home. So you have to go out to the local coffee shop to have the barista mix you some or… you get yourself a little more sophisticated coffee machine than the one you are used to and has been with you like forever. read more

A Tassimo is cool as well in hot weather

Being a girl I love my tea but I don’t say no to a tasty cup of coffee. At home I hardly drink any instant coffee but when I am out of the house I get myself a “fancy” cup of coffee once in a while. I really liked the idea of making tasty cups of coffee at home, particular since everybody says it is so easy to do. read more